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Why Collection was created in Japan by Why Company Ltd in 1966, we have over 45 years of brand history.

The original Harness Print was inspired by the element of Equestrian, traditional sports of horse riding, horse bit and stirrup are key elements in the Harness Print pattern. The original pattern printed on durable PVC would satisfy many customers who love the signature Harness Print.

Each piece of leather goods is designed and created from special theme derived from the fashion world. The use of finest material and hand crafted with high standard of workmanship.

Customers who fond of the product quality and have strong attachment to our traditional aspect would appreciate the spirit as presented in our leather goods and Harness Print Collection.

WHY brand has established good reputation and good image in Asian countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and other countries.

The influence of French Gothic that prospered between the 12th century through the 14th century, as presented in stained glass and original arches in architecture, calligraphy is fully expressed in this brand.
“artherapie” is the contemporary interpretation of the Gothic art philosophy. The fusion of Gothic elements with contemporary art sense transformed the products into modern art. This brand is the revival of new era Gothic.